Facing difficulties while accessing your yahoo account

There are a wide range of issues and technical glitches which users face while accessing their Yahoo account; a majority of them depends on the system or device used by the user to access their mail application. A few of the issues which users face on a day to day basis are login related problems, password related issues, security related concerns, storage related accessibility issues, protocol related problems and many more. All such issues are taken care by the Yahoo Customer Service Helpline Number team of Yahoo who ensures that users face no inconvenience in using the Yahoo account. The team can be contacted via any of their available platforms.

You are unable to access your Yahoo account

In order to regain access to Yahoo account, users need to click on the ‘Need Help’ hyper link which is displayed on the login screen. On clicking on the link, the user is prompted with a series of options which are all potential causes of login related issues. The user needs to click on the one related to password recovery. This would prompt the user to enter any of their previous passwords. This is a verification step which would prompt a verification code to their registered alternate email address. The code can then be used to regain access to the account.

Your Yahoo email Id has been blocked or hacked

Blocking and hacking of Yahoo accounts are two completely different aspects. In fact, some of the accounts are blocked so that they are not hacked by unauthorized users. In case of certain security related issues such as incorrect attempts to login to an account for consecutive number of times, login attempt to an account from an unknown system or location and so on. In order recover blocked accounts, the process is simple and quite similar to that of password recovery. Users need to click on the help hyper link and then follow the subsequent processes as highlighted. The password recovery team can be accessed as well.